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Boat Tours
One of the most pleasurable ways of spending the day in Marmaris is taking a boat tour. Big or small, hundreds of boats depart from the main dock in the shopping area and at different points in Marmaris. They organize daily tours to the islands and bays nearby. The Paradise Island (Nimara) opposite to Marmaris, Bedir Island, Turunç, Kumlubük,Çiftlik, and Phosphorus Cave are the most popular destinations for daily tours. Stops for swimming and a fish feast are the musts of thesetours.

There are also moonlight tours which are conducted at night. While some boats dock at stops with restaurants, some serve meals on the boat. Some of the tours go over to Dalyan İztuzu shore. These tours offer entertainment, drinks and the pleasure of swimming at night.

There is also entertainment on the boat.Longer daily tours are also organized from Marmaris. Ekincik and Dalyan are among the stops of these tours made on large boats.There are also boat tours to the coves and islands in Gökova, Sömbeki and Hisarönü Bays. For Sömbeki bay one must got to Bozburun, Selimiye and Orhaniye, for Hisarönü Bay to Hisarönü village beach, for Gökova Bay to Çamlı Pier. Travel agencies organize their tours to Gökova, Sedir Island and coves as daily tours with transfer from Marmaris to Çamlı Pier, boat organization and food.

A daily alterative from Marmaris: RhodesYou may spare a day for Rhodes while in Marmaris. Turkish citizens do not have to pay the charge for traveling abroad for their daily Rhodes visits.Hydrofoils operate every day in the summer from the Marina in Marmaris. They depart for Rhodes at 09:00 and 16:00. From Rhodes the departure times are 08:00 and 16:30.You may join the daily tours through travel agents. (Detailed information is in the Guide Section Daily tours pages)

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